The Austrian historic formula-v motorsport museum.

The museum is dedicated to the most successful part of Austrian motorsport history, Formula V. Formula V was the world’s largest junior motorsport racing series. A certain Jochen Rindt won the world championship in 1966 on the Austro Vau racing car built in Austria by Porsche Salzburg in the Bahamas. But also Niki Lauda, Helmut Marko, Harald Ertl and Dieter Quester were very successful in this racing series on Austrian racing cars. Particularly noteworthy are the two Austrian Formula V racing car manufacturers Kaimann Racing, of the Viennese design genius Kurt Bergmann, and Porsche Salzburg driven by Ernst Piech, the grandson of the visionary inventor Ferdinand Porsche. Both constructors dominated the European championships between 1966 and 1976, with three European championships each going to the Austrians. Four of them with the Austrian drivers Michael Walleczek, Günther Huber from St. Pölten, Werner Riedl and Erich Breinsberg, the managing director of the well-known Liewers car dealership.

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Starting 1963 with the first Formula-V race car. The Formcar.

Austro Vau

Displaying the two Formula-V models built by Porsche. The Austro-Vau.


The exhibition is finalized with the Austrian Kaimann Super-Vee.

Formula-V History

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